The promise of a mask-less summer and in-person dating has brought a rise in sales to teeth whitening and beauty products everywhere! But what does “Hot Vax Summer” mean for singles who are looking to mingle?


Yes, a summer full of opportunities for more meaningful connections.

Earlier in the season, we asked our singles how the vaccine would affect the way they date. And the overall response was that they were looking forward to being able to meet in-person again. And today, as more Americans are vaccinated and businesses begin to reopen, another surge is happening in the dating world. These past 16 months helped singles realize what was important to them. During this time, they have taken the steps to invest in themselves and now they are putting their energy into finding the right partner.

The pandemic’s impacts on dating:

Singles are ready to put their best foot (and mask-less face) forward! The long, lonely months in quarantine have caused singles to reevaluate exactly what they want in their love lives. This means that more and more singles are dating with intention, which we have always said is the BEST way to meet your special someone. Sure there are some singles looking to “serial-date” during this time, but that’s not the trend we are seeing with our clients at It’s Just Lunch.

The singles who reach out to our Matchmakers are looking forward to meeting new people and making meaningful connections. So, don’t let trends define your summer and keep you from taking active steps in your dating life.

Ready for a date... in-person!

Moving from behind the screen to in-person dating means it’s time to shine your shoes and break out your favorite new outfit! But, what you wear is not all that needs a refresh; start with brushing up on your in-person dating conversation skills. It may seem like forever since you’ve talked to someone outside of a video chat, plus it never hurts to reinvigorate your in-person people skills.

We say it time and time again, the best conversationalists are also the best listeners. And after months of virtual dates, where great conversation was the key to success in making a connection, we know that our It’s Just Lunch clients have fine-tuned this skill. Yes! It’s time to shift again! Being back in-person means there are more aspects that you want to be aware of. That’s right, make sure that you are not only showing interest by asking your date questions, you also need to engage with both eye contact and your body language.


Remember, while some of the world seems to be returning to normal, it’s ok to ease back into in-person dating. So, whether you want to meet for a quick drink or a walk at a park, there is no right or wrong way to date right now... except to HAVE FUN!

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